with the market capitalization of
If Ethereum had the market cap of Bitcoin, 1 ETH would be worth
That's +% from its current price.

What is CoinCapTrap?

CoinCapTrap is a tool that lets you quickly and easily compare total market capitalizations of different cryptocurrencies.

Although not entirely appropriate, we chose this name because almost every crypto newcomer goes through the stage of coin price misunderstanding, and because of that mistake, they often end up bagholding
In financial slang, a bagholder is a shareholder left holding shares of worthless stocks or crypto. The word is derived by combining shareholder with the expression "left holding the bag."
hopeless coins that are "cheap".

XRP and ADA bagholders are one of the most famous examples of trapped newcomers. Regardless of their merits and "fundamentals", the main reason why many people are attracted to these projects is because the coins are SO CHEAP right now and when it inevitably goes to $1000 per coin, they are going to be so rich!

Of course, it's never going to happen, because there are too many XRP and ADA out there. Market capitalization = total supply * price.

The section of our site called "NOT HAPPENING" will help you feel the difference.